American Diplomatic Personnel Have Been Evacuated From Sudan

American Diplomatic

On Saturday, President Joe Biden mentioned that the American Diplomatic personnel had been evacuated from the African country of Sudan.

In a statement, the POTUS stated that the United States military had conducted an operation on his orders to manage the extraction of several government personnel hailing from the United States from Khartoum.

In another statement, the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken went on to comment that all the US personnel and their families had been evacuated and the operations at the US Embassy in the capital city had been suspended temporarily. According to reports, close to 100 special operations forces were involved in this extraction. The operation was also led by the Africa Command of the United States and was then conducted in coordination with the State Department- according to Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense. 

American Diplomatic Personnel Evacuated From Sudan

This decision to evacuate the American Diplomatic personnel came a week after heavy fighting was reported between the rival military factions- which were the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces. Their fighting has already left hundreds dead, and thousands fighting for their lives. Blinken went on to comment that the widespread fighting did pose quite a major risk to the personnel at the Embassy. He noted that suspending the operations at one of the embassies was always going to be a difficult job- but the safety of the personnel was what mattered at the end of the day. 

John Bass, the Under Secretary of State for Management, also claimed that the temporary suspension of the embassy was the only feasible option that they had. Around 100 people were evacuated from the US embassy- which included people from other nations along with American Diplomatic personnel. 

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