Jennifer Lawrence Attends Rally Despite Being Pregnant

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most celebrated stars in Hollywood. She has an aura around her that leaves fans awestruck. She holds several accolades to her name. Lawrence was adjudged the most expensive actress for two consecutive years. Her movies have done a business of approximately $6million to date. She has been a constant entry among the world’s top 100 influential people. Lawrence has always been known to be a strong and hard-working woman. She showed her grit and character once again as she appeared at a rally. The rally aimed at justice towards abortion. What made the appearance even more spectacular was the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Jennifer Lawrence Stands Up For Justice Towards Abortion 

The actress surprised everyone as she decided to show up at the rally for abortion. It was an initiative taken up by Amy Schummer. She launched a movement titled ” We Out Here”. This movement focuses on the issues of abortion. Amy has pleaded for justice towards the rights of Abortion. The recent rally conducted by Amy was stressed heavily towards the issue of Abortion. Lawrence joined hands with Schummer and rallied the streets of Washington DC. 

Amy posted a picture of the duo marching away for the welfare of women. The protest took place at DC, Freedom Plaza. Both the stars showed their support for abortion. Schummer held up a placard that read “Abortion Is Essential”. She was looking pretty in a jumpsuit paired with a blue-colored cap. Jennifer wore a checkered attire and stated that women cannot attain freedom unless they can control their own bodies. 

A large baby bump was visible from Lawrence’s dress. Amy was overwhelmed with the support showered in by Jennifer Lawrence. She expressed her gratitude towards Lawrence and also expects the government to act positively on the matter.