Daniel Craig Claims Quantum Of Solace Was Troublesome

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, No Time To Die, is finally about to hit theatres on the 8th of October after quite a few delays. This does entail that he has been making the rounds of press interviews, where he has been asked about his previous Bond movies.

In quite a recent interview with The Empire Film Podcast, the actor recollected on the second of his five Bond movies- Quantum of Solace- which was released in 2008. The sharp-tongued actor didn’t miss out on any chance to talk about how troublesome starring was for that movie. 

Daniel Craig Reminisces About James Bond

Daniel Craig claimed that he was actually very focused when he didn’t know half of what was going on. He stated that he definitely yearned to be the actor he was when shooting Casino Royale, his first James Bond movie. He was left in the dark about quite a lot of things, and mostly about how Bond movies usually worked.

He never understood them, so he didn’t have to worry about them. But once he got an idea about the popularity of James Bond, the weight ended up bearing him down. Craig claimed that he was absolutely knackered when shooting Quantum of Solace. 

As far as Casino Royale, the movie which was released in 2006, Daniel Craig simply has fond memories. He spoke about how there were several issues going about the same time this movie was being released, and all he told everyone around him to simply wait and watch- for they had made a really good movie. 

Danie Craig also expressed his gratitude towards Universal and MGM for not dumping the latest Bond movie on streaming platforms but actually waiting for a proper release in theatres. He believed that while he understood the necessity of it- due to the pandemic, he stated that it would just feel quite weird to launch a James Bond movie on a streaming platform. And we agree. 

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