Jennifer McClellan One Step Away From Making History

jennifer mcclellan

In November  Virginia democratic representative Donald McEachin died, just after being reelection. So here is a possibility for Jennifer McClellan to fill the position. However, there will be voting not directed by the election officials. This will be conducted in the Richmond area district.

The First Black Woman In Virginia Would Jennifer McClellan

If Jennifer McClellan is elected, she could create history as the first woman of color who would be serving in congress from Virginia. The whole democrat officials are supporting her and have backed up her since. Though the results are yet to be declared. Even if she is elected she won’t be joining the US house till February, which will be crowded with the republican party by the end of January. Jennifer McClellan came third in 2021.

She is friends with the senate Tim Kaine approved her as the perfect fit and so is the mayor of Richmond. As there is no such rule or law in Virginia, therefore the parties can choose their own nominees. They are calling this reelection process a firehouse voting method. This would help the willing candidate to participate.

Republican candidate Leon Benjamin applied the same way and lost to McEachin in 2020 and also in 2022. Lamon Bagby also feels Jennifer McClellan is the perfect candidate to serve and he stepped down and cleared the way for her. Morrissey would be competing with McClellan.

She has worked in the capitol and helped McEachin in various ways to win. Jennifer is mourning for McEachin and also campaigning for his spot, she says it is a bittersweet moment in her life, and she cannot fathom expressing what she is feeling. The candidates’ names must be declared by 23rd December and the voting will take place in February.