Florida School Board Urges Bridget Ziegler To Resign

Bridget Ziegler

A Florida school board took the unprecedented step of ordering a woman member to resign. Bridget Ziegler is one half of a Republican power couple in the state even as her husband remains embroiled in an ongoing case of sexual assault.

By the 4-1 vote, the Sarasota school board even went to the extent of rebuking Bridget Ziegler, a senior member who has been on the board for 9 nine at a stretch. In a statement, the school board said that the capers of her husband were a serious distraction.

Ziegler voted against the resolution, which is nonbinding but a serious embarrassment for the anti-LGBTQ activist. She also refused to say that she would resign following the disconcerting debacle. Christian Ziegler, the Republican Party chairman in the state, faces sexual assault charges. The Sarasota Police has indicated that a woman has complained that she was involved in consensual sexual encounters with the Zieglers a year back.

Bridget Ziegler’s Husband Accused Of Sexually Assaulting The Woman In Her Apartment

He has been accused of sexually assaulting the woman in her apartment when she refused to join him in the absence of Bridget Ziegler. The facts were detailed in a warrant. The existence of such an encounter was confirmed to investigators by both Christian and Bridget Ziegler.

The damning piece of information was first revealed by the Center for Govt. Accountability in Florida. The revelation led to calls for the resignation of Bridget Ziegler, a vocal anti-gay activist. Critics have branded her a hypocrite for her sexual indiscretion.

Sarasota resident Rudolph Lucek said that while Bridget Ziegler has sat on moral high ground and attacked others for their moral integrity, she has been exposed for her hypocrisy. But Ziegler has dismissed the school resolution as nonbinding and toothless. Only the Florida Governor has the power to remove members of school boards, and the Florida Governor is a Republican. Bridget Ziegler’s husband too has declined to step down.