Jeremy Renner Is Getting Better

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner faced a tragic accident at the beginning of the new year, which could possibly taken his life. But the neighbor’s immediate response saved his life. It was near death experience for him. And his major focus is on the healing process. He kept updating fans via his Instagram posts. Recently it was his birthday, and fans and friends sent him best wishes along with many gifts, but he didn’t fail to show gratitude to his nurses and doctor, who took amazing care of him. The snowplow accident was a huge blow to his life.

Jeremy Renner’s Healing Process Is Supported By Books

He always starts his posts with gratitude towards his fans, and thanks them for being so patient with him, while he healing. The accident was not physically harmful to him but mentally affected him badly too.

Jeremy Renner shared a post where he is paddling, and that too has to one by one, if you are paddling with your left leg you cannot use your right one. And vice versa. He is using a  fitness machine which would help him with movements. Jeremey Renner is pushing himself hard to get better and get back to that one thing which is acting.

He had to go through multiple surgeries for betterment, his face almost got disfigured. Not only his family but his fans were praying for him. Just after the accident, he was taken to the hospital by helicopter, which was probably the best decision for paramedics too. Otherwise, they could have lost him. Jeremy Renner got his 30 bones broken, in that short period of time.

His co-actors and friends shared their experience after they saw him in a wheelchair, he was unable to walk. It was bizarre, the people have seen, it was very difficult to even grasp that such a strong person was facing this.