Kanye West Along With Irina Shayk Announces Their Breakup!

Kanye West
Kanye West

According to many reports, Irina Shayk and Kanye West have already announced their breakup. Irina Shayk, a model, and Kanye West, the famous rapper, first started dating in June. They were first spotted together on a romantic trip to the romantic country, France. 

Kanye West Still Finds Shayk Amazing!

People magazine has received word from multiple sources claiming that Shayk and West have finally announced their breakup on Saturday. One source stated that the relationship between West, now 44 years old, and Shayk, now 35 years old was never a very serious thing.

Another source stated that while Kanye West has been tremendously busy focusing on spending quality time with his children and on his work, he has failed to take out time for dating. However, he finds Shayk amazing though. The source has also added that West and Shayk are now on friendly terms. Fox News reached out to the representative of both Shayk and West for comments. However, both the representatives have refused to comment on the situation now. 

In June, the couple was first spotted together. The trip to France was a celebration of the 44th birthday of Kanye West. During that trip, People magazine received word from a source claiming that Shayk seems smitten. In February, the wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian announced their divorce. In June, during her reunion, she announced the news of their separation.

West has been spotted with Kardashian after the couple filed for divorce in February. They were seen having lunch together. Before that, Kim was spotted attending a listening event of Kanye West for his new album “Donda”. It has been claimed by some sources that both West and Kardashian have been on friendly terms since the announcement of their divorce in February!

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