The Near Death Experience Of Jeremy Renner

jeremy renner

The Avenger actor faced a close call recently and survived. Jeremy Renner almost got run over by a snow plow. The new year started with an unimaginable accident. And the injury messed up his face pretty badly. He survived with god’s blessing and thanked everyone.

Jeremy Renner Keeps His Fans Updated

After four days of near-to-death experience, Jeremy Renner came back online and updated his fans with his recent health conditions. He could barely type anything but thanked everyone and send love to everyone. The accident took place near Mt.Rose Highway, Nevada California state line.

Soon after the accident, he was taken to the nearby hospital and the doctors declared he was the only person involved in the accident and no one else was hurt. Jeremy Renner suffered from blunt chest trauma and other orthopedic injuries. With his bravery, he has recovered and is better than before all in good spirits. His positive recovery is making the doctors happy and satisfied. He was rushed to the ICU and will continue to stay there until full recovery, though he is stable.

Even the sheriff’s department explained what happened, they are grateful that Jeremy Renner is alive, and the care flight reached there soon enough. And he made it, otherwise, it could have been worse than anyone could think of. The investigation is still going and the department couldn’t provide much information but they made sure there was no foul play involved.

Jeremy Renner was run over by Pistenbully, and the neighbors who saw that rushed to help him.

Heavy snowfall all over the States caused more accidents in 2022, in December 13th Jeremy Renner shared a photo on Twitter of how heavy snowfall buried a car, and captioned with Lake Tahoe snowfall is no joke.