Jesse Jackson And Jacqueline Still Under Coronavirus Observation 

Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson

The son of Jesse Jackson, the Reverend, and Jacqueline, his wife, gave a statement on the current health conditions of his parents as they were infected with the coronavirus infection. As per the statement, the couple was under medical observation at one of the hospitals in the city of Chicago. The son also revealed that both his parents were positively responding to the treatment stat they were receiving. 

Jesse Jackson’s Health Status

Jesse Jackson and his wife Jacqueline have been together for the last sixty years. They have a total of five children together. The name of the hospital that they are admitted to is Northwestern Memorial. Jonathan Jackson, one of their children, stated that the doctors were monitoring the condition of both his parents in a very careful manner owing to their sensitive age. Currently, Reverend and politician belonging to the Democratic Party, Jesse Jackson, is 79 years old. And Jesse Jackson is 77 years old. 

Jonathan Jackson further stated that he was very thankful for the prayers and wishes that were made on the behalf of his family. He also added that even his family would never stop praying for all of them. The Reverend has already received a vaccine against the coronavirus infection. It took place in the month of January.

It was a public event where he urged others to get vaccinated as well. He is one of the civil rights activists. However, there isn’t much information on the vaccination status of Jacqueline. It is to be noted that she too is an activist. According to the family members, she was facing certain health issues that could not be described specifically. Jesse Jackson is currently suffering from Parkinson’s disease. It was just this year that he had gallbladder surgery.