Bruce Hough Is Now Eligible To Run House GOP Primary Ballot In Utah

Bruce Hough

The lieutenant governor’s office announced on Wednesday that Bruce Hough, the father of two Star dancers who are regularly seen on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, has been selected to authorize the Republican primary ballot in the special election for Utah’s second Congressional district. Chris Stewart, a Republican representative has declared that he will leave his position on September 15 on the ground of family health emergencies. November 21 is announced to be the date of Utah’s general election. 

Bruce Hough’s Sincere Efforts To Get Selected For The Ballot 

Bruce Hough, the former head of the Utah GOP and at present a member of the Republican National Committee, submitted over 7,000 signatures to be eligible for the ballot. He will be joined in the ballot by Celeste Maloy, who established her honor by winning a 2nd District Nominating Conference a month earlier, and Becky Edwards, who also filed enough signatures to get selected. Both Becky and Hough were disqualified within the first few rounds of voting in that conference. 

After obtaining the required number of signatures, Bruce Hough expressed his gratitude to his supporters in a tweet. He writes that it is because of their support he has a chance to protect the principles of their village in Congress. In the campaign, Bruce focused on the necessity to “identify the problems at the outset” and then to do the needful accordingly, which includes scaling down the debts and working on the shortages and slippages to set back the progress of the government. 

He also spoke about his children and other family members and shared how they inspire him to get going every day. Among his 10 children, Julianne and Derek Hough achieved fame on “Dancing with the Stars”. He says that he feels obliged to do something for the successive generations of Uthahns and all Americans. 

Although Stewart has been endorsed by Maloy as a strong reserved woman to protect the values of Utah, she has encountered resistance against her eligibility and “inactivity”. However, the state GOP put forward her name as the nominee for the Republican primary ballot and no challenges would now be entertained in this regard as nothing has been lodged before the election.