Jim Jordan Selected By McCarthy For 6th Jan Select Commitee

jim jordan
jim jordan

Five Republicans were handpicked for the select committee by Kevin McCarthy to assist in the investigation of January 6. This was done to make sure that the Republicans have a say in the ongoing investigation. Jim Jordan was one of the handpicked ones.

McCarthy has chosen the following representatives- Jim Banks from Indiana; Rodney Davis from Illinois; Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota; Troy Nehls from Texas; and Jim Jordan from Ohio.

All the representatives met in the office of House Minority Leader, McCarthy. These representatives were particularly chosen to usher in variety with their perspectives and by their opinions. Some Republicans believe that these GOP members would provide additional credibility to the ongoing investigations. 

Jim Jordan And Jim Banks Are Well-Known Among The Others

Jim Jordan and Banks signed the lawsuit that would unauthorize millions of votes in four states but was halted abruptly by the Supreme Court. Jordan and McCarthy might be called up to testify as witnesses in the incident. Jordan has built up quite a reputation when he clashed with the Democrats at Capitol Hill. Jim Jordan had been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump during his impeachment. 

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker chose eight members for this commission, in which McCarthy could handpick five, only after consulting with Pelosi. This means that Pelosi can veto his choices if she desires. 

Bennie Thompson has made a promise to work along with all the members chosen on this committee. Various questions were asked about the choice of Jim Jordan, but Bennie had brushed away all the concerns. The other GOP members of this committee include Liz Cheney from Wyoming. Pelosi is currently reviewing the suggested names and the committee is scheduled to face its hearing next week. Police Officers of the Capitol- Aquilino Gonell and Harry Dunn along with Police officers from the Metropolitan Department- Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone are to listen to the experiences shared by the Committee members.