Lil Nas X Heads Towards Imprisonment In Latest Trailer

lil nas x
lil nas x

Lil Nas X had released “Satan Nikes” which contained Human Blood in them and was priced at $1,018. Lil Nas X avoided the court’s hearing about his ‘Satan Shoes’ and released a video with Jack Harlow. The video dealt with his new song “Industry Baby” and makes fun of the drama caused by the shoes and even his sexuality.

Lil Nas X plays all the main characters in the video which begins with the camera panned on the Judge. The Judge was chatting with his girlfriend over a video call and seemed quite bored to look at the case at hand. The video pans across Nas, the attorney, and the defendant. The attorney and defendant pass judgments about his sexuality and his shoes and finally the Judge orders imprisonment of five years at the Montero Prison. The most outstanding moment was possibly when the prosecutor pressed him on admitting his homosexuality. The video indicates that the admission led to his sentencing.

Lil Nas X Performance At The BET Awards Got Some Eyeballs Rolling

“Industry Baby” is co-produced by Take-a-Daytrip and Kanye West and is scheduled for a release, next Friday. “Industry Baby” is the follow-up track for “Montero”.Nas X kissed a dancer during his performance at the BET Awards which was criticized by some haters. They believed that it was over-sexualizing his performance to which Lil Nas X has replied that he will keep doing what he prefers and whatever makes him comfortable. 

The case with the Satan Shoes was settled outside the court, by Nike and MSCHF. Nike had asked MSCHF to buy back all the “Jesus Shoes” and the “Satan Shoes” for the original prices so that these shoes can be removed from circulation.

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