Nate Fick’s Twitter Account Hacked

Nate Fick

America’s top cyber diplomat has revealed that his Twitter account was hacked. Nate Fick, America’s first ambassador with special duties for Cyberspace and Digital Policy, used a tweet on Sunday to disclose the compromise of his account over the weekend. In a terse and ironic message, he revealed that his account had been hacked and described it as a ‘peril of the job.’ It is assumed that this particular tweet was his.

The Dept. of State has reserved its comments and is yet to make any statement on the person or group liable for the cyberattack on Nate Fick or how they managed to compromise his account. Nothing is yet known if the attackers have posted any messages following the hacking.

Nate Fick’s Account Breach Could Be Linked To Twitter’s Recent Firing Of Staff

There is speculation that the recent dumping of Twitter user data is linked to the security breach. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, the biggest microblogging site is on a firing spree and has recently axed its complete public relations staff. Hence, a response was not forthcoming from the company.

Even the Chief Information Officer of Twitter is out of the company and partially explains its slapdash security that led to Nate Fick’s account being hacked. Nate Fick assumed office last September as the US’s first-ever cyberspace diplomat at the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy under the Dept. of State. the bureau was launched last April.

The primary task of the bureau headed by Nate Fick is to address challenges to national security, value considerations offered by digital technologies, digital policy, and cyberspace, and address economic opportunities. Kate Fick presently is in Seoul in South Korea meeting with the industry leaders and government officials there to deliberate on fortifying IT infrastructure and addressing cybersecurity concerns. Other major American officials who fell victim to online hackers include John Brennan, the former CIA director whose email account was hacked by a teenager.

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