Jimmie Johnson Will Not Compete After His In-Laws And Nephew Were Discovered Deceased

Jimmie Johnson

Due to the passing of his wife’s family in Oklahoma, Jimmie Johnson would not compete this week in the NASCAR Cup Series Chicago race. According to Muskogee police spokesman Lynn Hamlin, the remains of Jack, 69, his spouse Terry Janway, 68, and their grandchild Dalton Janway, 10, had been found at the beginning of this week at a residence in Oklahoma, which is situated approximately 50 miles of Tulsa. Investigators, according to Hamlin, think Terry Janway murdered her partner and grandchild before killing herself. According to Hamlin, a lady called 911 and then hung up after reporting an issue with a pistol.

Jimmie Johnson, His Wife Requests Privacy In Their Time Of Grief 

When police got on the site, they discovered one deceased close to the home’s entrance and then heard a gunshot from farther inside, where they subsequently discovered two more bodies, according to Hamlin. Hamlin verified that the three of them are Chandra Janway, Johnson’s wife, and her nephew.

This week, NASCAR is getting ready for its inaugural step into street racing. As a co-owner of Legacy Motor Club and an eight-time Cup winner, Johnson is competing this season on a freelance basis. He operates the 84th-numbered Carvana Chevrolet. In a tweet, Legacy Motor Club stated that “The Johnson household has requested privacy and no statements would be made at the moment.”

The terrible deaths of relatives of Chandra Johnson were lamented by NASCAR in a declaration. Jimmie Johnson, Chandra Johnson, and the whole Janway & Johnson families have the support and sympathies of the whole NASCAR family during this terrible time. Three family members of eight-time NASCAR winner Jimmie Johnson were shot to death on Tuesday, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, police said in a statement a few days ago.