Jimmy Graham In Custody Following “Medical Episode”

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham, the tight end for the New Orleans Saints, had to be placed under custody after the player experienced a “medical episode” on the night of Aug 18th, Friday. The Saints provided the information through an official statement later on in the day.

Jimmy Graham Facing Illegal Possession Charges

Authorities placed 36-year-old Jimmy Graham under official custody because they believed that the player was being influenced by a controlled substance. They had previously received a call that reported someone acting in an erratic manner at a resort near Southern California. This is per the reports of the media outlet, TMZ.

According to the New Orleans Saints, during the evening in question, Jimmy Graham had experienced a “medical episode”. This caused him to become disoriented. The statement continued by saying that later on local authorities placed the player in their custody. They also transported Jimmy Graham to a hospital in the locality to be evaluated. Dr. John Amoss believes that Jimmy Graham had experienced a seizure. The player had then been tested and medically supervised for the remainder of the night.

On the morning of Saturday, Graham received the hospital’s release papers. The statement clarified that the player has, since then, reunited with the team and continues to prepare for the upcoming match against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, 20th August.

Jimmy Graham had reunited with the Saints in the previous month on a contract for one year. Saints had initially drafted him back in 2010, where he stayed until 2015. He then moved and played for the Seattle Seahawks for the following 3 years. After that, he spent approximately two year-long stints at the Green Bay Packers and then the Chicago Bears. He last appeared in an official NFL match in 2021.