Saints’ Alvin Kamara Admitted Eagle’s Trade Interests In Him: Says He’s Going Nowhere

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara stated explicitly on Friday making it clear that he showed no desire to leave the Saints, as well as the club that was thought to be keen in the superstar running back has also made no move to sign him. On social networks, there have been rumors that the Eagles are attempting to trade acquire Alvin Kamara before the cutoff on Tuesday, but according to Professional Football Talk, that is not the case.

Together with 24 receptions for one-ninety-one yards and no scores in 5 games, Alvin Kamara has 77 rushes for three hundred fifty-one yards this season. Since making his comeback from illness, Kamara has amassed 429 points of scrimmage in 3 matches, surpassing hundred yards in each contest. Because of a brawl that took place in the summer, the Saints RB might be subject to NFL punishment the following season. He was charged with battery that allegedly caused significant bodily harm.

Alvin Kamara Of Saints’ Admitted Of Eagles Being Interested In Him:

Regardless of whether the Saints tried to trade Alvin Kamara, his contract would be expensive. His cap numbers for 2023 & 2024 are $16.093 mn and $16.893 mn, respectively. The 2025 budget figure for Alvin Kamara is similarly $27.093 mn, but any club that buys him can opt away from the deal by the offseason of 2024.

In addition to three thousand four hundred and fifty-four receiving yards, Alvin Kamara, who is currently in his 6th season, has accumulated 4,589 yards rushing over his career. Alvin Kamara  is the 1st player in League history to have at least five hundred running yards and five hundred receiving yards during each of its first 4 seasons. He has eight thousand forty-three yards from scrimmage with sixty touchdowns. In addition, Alvin Kamara is the sole Saints player ever to be selected to the Super Bowl during each of its first 5 seasons.

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