Jobless Benefits Are Delayed for Millions Despite Acceptance Of Relief Package

Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits

Although Congress made a stimulus deal for COVID-19 on Sunday night to extend the much-needed jobless benefits to millions of Americans who were expecting a lapse in benefits.

The existing backlog might disturb 12 million US citizens who would lose the jobless benefits after the Christmas day of the new legislation was not passed by Congress. The debate, as well as voting for the package in the Senate and House, will take place on Monday.

Details About The Jobless Benefits

Citizens with the 26th December lapse date are likely to receive their additional supplement of $300 after 3 weeks or the maximum of 6-8 weeks, as estimated by Elizabeth Pancotti.

This is because of the issues in processing the new aid in a computerized form during the season of holiday. This persistent neglect from state administrative bodies indicates the lack of capital and technology required by the state programs.

Michele Evermore of the National Employment Project of Law anticipates the new package and stated that with a rapidly approaching deadline, states need a miracle to provide the jobless benefits as soon as possible.

The CARES Act in March provided two programs for the unemployed Americans that will expire on 26th December. Firstly, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance offered $600 every week to self-employed, provisional, and gig workers since July. Secondly, the ongoing Unemployment Compensation for pandemic emergency provided the benefits for another 13 weeks.

Just 2.9M Americans losing the PEUC can collect the extended benefits in 2021. However, this will take 3-4 weeks.

Although Congress will pass the extension, states have to wait for the Department of Labor to release guidance of payment procedure that will take time in this holiday time.

States will probably start rolling out the weekly unemployment supplement after a few weeks. Americans will be availing of the benefits in end-January.