Joe Biden And Congressional Leaders To Meet Once More As Default On National Debt Looms

Joe biden

Joe Biden, the president of the United States, is going to meet the top leadership of Congress once more on May 12th, Friday. This follows the conclusion of their meeting on May 9th, Tuesday that lasted for an hour in the White House Oval Office.

The Tuesday meeting did not manage to reach any hopeful resolution on the matter of agreeing on a deal that would get the ceiling of debt raised. The debt ceiling raise is absolutely essential for the government to avoid defaulting and facing devastating economic consequences.

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Republican representatives in the House demand spending reductions to be attached to any plan that would see the debt ceiling increased. They have, in fact, got a plan for the debt limit approved that has met these conditions. However, Joe Biden, along with the Democratic representatives in Congress, insists on only approving a clean debt limit increase before discussing any spending frameworks.

Following the meeting, Joe Biden spoke to the reporters and told them that staff of the congressional leadership, as well as the White House, will be meeting every day till the topmost-level meeting scheduled for Friday. Joe Biden said that he made his intention clear in the meeting about the default not being an option.

As such, Biden spoke of his certainty in the US to avoid a default on the country’s obligations. He said that the reason is that an overwhelmingly large portion of Congressmen knew about the disastrous implications.

Furthermore, Joe Biden also admitted to the reporters about considering declaring the limit of debt unconstitutional by using the 14th Amendment. However, that will only happen after the resolution of the present issue with the debt limit.