43 Senate Republicans Have Sworn To Oppose Increase In Debt Ceiling

Senate Republicans

43 Senate Republicans swore to oppose the increase in the debt ceiling on Saturday, without any budget reforms or substantive spending.

This was done to back up the position imposed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The group of Senators, led by Senator Mike Lee of Utah, claimed that they were absolutely united behind the conference of the House Republicans in support of spending cuts, as well as a structural budget reform as a starting point for the negotiations on the debt ceiling.

This letter was then sent to the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat. This letter highlighted the deepening rift in Congress over how the country could potentially avoid a debt default. The Republicans have been constantly advocating spending cuts that were tied to the debt ceiling, whereas the White House maintained that it would not be negotiating on this matter. 

Senate Republicans Have Vowed To Oppose Increasing The Debt Ceiling

Amongst the 49 Senate Republicans, there were only 6 members who didn’t sign this letter. They are Senators Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and John Kennedy of Louisiana. A breach in the US debt ceiling does risk an economic catastrophe reminiscent of 2008- that could potentially wipe out millions of jobs and set the country back for multiple generations. The impact could also include delayed payments of Social Security, late paychecks for employees under the federal government, and a direct hit to the investments made by the citizens. 

The stand taken up by the Republican Senators wasn’t let alone by the White House, as they fired back on Saturday. They accused the senators of holding the economic livelihood of millions of Americans hostage in order to satisfy their demands.