Robert De Niro Finds Being A Father At 79 Not Surprising

Robert De Niro

Many fans may have been left stunned by the addition of another member to the brood of Robert De Niro. However, for the man himself, the arrival of child number seven was not exactly shocking. On May 10th, while attending the “About My Father” premiere, Robert De Niro gave a straight “no” when asked by a media outlet whether he felt surprised at becoming a father once more at 79.

Robert De Niro’s Seventh Child

Even more than just a flat no, Robert De Niro went so far as to admit that it was a planned pregnancy. He added that there was no way to do this kind of action without planning. The actor, who also has a newborn waiting at his home, wore black slacks and shoes, a striped shirt, and a navy blazer.

Earlier in the day, representatives of Robert De Niro, the star of “Taxi Driver” gave confirmation about the birth of another child. However, they had not revealed the sex or name of the newest addition to the family. The identity of the mother of the little human has also been left unanswered. However, Tiffany Chen, the girlfriend of Niro with a considerable age gap, was seen with a protruding stomach in the previous month.

The couple had met each other back in 2015 during the filming of “The Intern”. In 2016, the two were seen visiting Spain together. Some years later, the instructor of martial arts was photographed along with De Niro celebrating the 78th birthday of the actor in France in each other’s company.

The other children of De Niro are as follows: Drena, 51, and 46-year-old Raphael with Diahne Abbott. The 27-year-old twins Julian and Aaron with Toukie Smith. 25-year-old Elliot and 11-year-old Helen with Grace Hightower.