Joe Biden On The Expansion Of The Coronavirus Vaccine Criteria

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Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America, gave a statement to the entire nation with regard to the coronavirus vaccine. The statement came out this Thursday. The president talked about his plans for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. He said that all the tribes, states and territories of the country has his permission to ensure that everyone receives the virus. The date given by him for the act to begin is the first of May.

Joe Biden’s Efforts To Tackle The Pandemic

The order was given by President Joe Biden is a part of a much wider plan. According to the plan, there is an upliftment provided to the effort of vaccination. The total of vaccine sites is to be increased. Not only that but the active-duty troops who are responsible for strengthening the effort of vaccination are also to be increased. A new website is also to be introduced by the White House very soon. They have also associated the phone number, 1-800, to provide help in finding the vaccines.

Until now, there are certain rules laid down with regard to the availability of vaccines. As per the eligibility criteria, the individuals having a high risk of the coronavirus infection and especially the workers belonging to the frontline are given preference. However, the states are moving towards expanding the criteria for receiving the vaccine as of now.

The speech given by President Joe Biden with regard to the vaccine came following the second term of the lockdown. It is to be noted that the lockdown is not as formal as was in the last year. The president also mentioned the 4th of July in his statement. He urged American citizens to stay away from social gatherings until that day. President Joe Biden even went on to set a goal for it.