Demi Lovato Will Soon Be Revealing Her Sexual Identity

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, the pop-star, talked about her sexuality in the famous magazine, Glamour. The pop-star happens to appear on the cover of the magazine for the March issue. she has been open about her journey towards knowing her own sexuality. The Sorry-Not-Sorry singer had previously claimed that she could end up being with both a male or a female. She claimed that she was not done figuring out the subject.

Demi Lovato On Women

As opposed to the previous times, Demi Lovato is very confident about her sexuality currently. And a very big reason behind her knowledge is her engagement with Max Ehrich, the actor that broke off. It was she who called it off.

Demi Lovato has talked about her engagement in the magazine. She stated that she received a “huge sign” when she felt that her relationship did not work with her ex-fiancé. She said that she felt a strong sense of relief after having believed the fact that she was single. The relief came from the feeling that she was free to embrace her reality.

The “Confident” singer will soon be letting the world know about her sexuality. As for now she clearly stated that she was preparing herself to walk the new path. Demo Lovato added that she was currently on her journey to educate herself for her new sexual identity.

The 28-year-old Demi Lovato however gave a little knowledge on the subject. She pointed out the fact that she feels comfortable getting intimate with the same gender. However, that is not the case with men. She revealed the fact that she is not attracted to getting intimate with men as much as women. The pop-star revealed that she has had visceral reactions while getting sexually intimate with men.