Marjorie Taylor Greene, Representative, Twitter Account Suspended Over Error

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene

On 19th March, Friday, Twitter had mistakenly suspended Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account. Twitter is a giant social media platform and had earlier suspended several conspiracy-loving accounts of a few lawmakers. Recently, they informed, that the lockout is lifted.

Nonetheless, Marjorie Taylor Greene is also faced with immense pressure from many of the House Democrats who are demanding that she must immediately be expelled from Congress.

Mistaken Twitter Suspension on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account

A spokesperson from Twitter has given a public statement to CNBC where it is known that the company makes use of a combination of different technologies as well as human review in order to enforce the rules of Twitter in all their services.

As a result, if their automated systems make enforcement on a particular account owing to some sort of error, the action will be reversed, as already done in the case of the Twitter suspension of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account that has already been reinstated.

Greene was previously involved in misleading pro-Trump conspiracies along with strong support for violence. At almost 1 pm, Twitter suspended her account without any explanation. The account remained locked for approximately 12 hours, as revealed by the campaign message.

Twitter had earlier suspended Greene’s account in January due to the propagation of misinformation.

The office of Greene has already made strong speculations regarding the timing of Twitter suspension that took place a few hours before Representative Jimmy Gomez introduced the resolution asking Greene to be expelled from Congress.

Although she had no firm grounds to substantiate her suspicions, she repeated her suspicions later on Friday through her restored Twitter Account.

The committee assignments of Greene had been withdrawn in February owing to her controversial statements regarding the US Presidential elections and the Capitol Hill riot.