Joe Biden Ticks Another Campaign Policy Promise

Build Back Better Joe Biden
Build Back Better

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, has been executing some of the most crucial campaign promises made by Donald Trump before he left the nation in the midst of its longest war. President Joe Biden is working towards building economic aid and infrastructure to turn into a reality.

Biden is trying to fulfill the promises made to the Americans excluded by Trump throughout his tenure. Furthermore, Both Biden and Trump had won their elections and had campaigned to make inclusive policies. They have been committed to work for these citizens and fulfill their campaign promises.

Inclusive Policies Of Joe Biden

On Wednesday, Joe Biden made the promise of getting the troops back to America from Afghanistan. As a result, his huge legislative proposals also aim to elevate the working Americans through the infrastructure bill of a staggering $2 trillion. In addition, Biden is also aiming to accomplish the failed and forgotten promise of his predecessor.

Just like Barack Obama and Trump, Biden also campaigned to withdraw the funding of trillions of dollars for the purpose of wars and utilize them to restore the economy at home. While the 2 previous presidents had taken some initiative toward achieving the goal of cutting war costs, Biden is acutely committed to finishing the business. He is taking pro-active steps towards it.

Although Republicans and several military figures criticized Biden for wanting to wind down the longest American war, he seems undistracted. Furthermore, American Presidents have always been disregarded for their big, pompous foreign policies regarding wars.

Biden is yet to receive bipartisan cooperation before he can make hard and fast decisions and steps to these war-related promises.