Nancy Pelosi Might Abandon The Commission For Capitol Riot If Efforts Are Stalled

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the current House Speaker, has opened up about the Capitol Riot and said that she would be quite receptive to the idea of a select committee that would investigate the 6th January riot at the Capitol. This will be a contingency plan if the attempts to bring out a 9/11 style commission are stalled. According to an interview that took place between Pelosi and USA Today, the former mentioned that it was always an option. Nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t want to refer to this option unless she absolutely had to and there was no other choice in hand. 

Alternate Steps Could Be Taken To Investigate The Capitol Riot, According To Nancy Pelosi

The Democrat from California had announced back in February to organize a panel that would replicate the Commission for 9/11. This would assist in the reporting and investigation of the causes and facts that would be related to this insurrection. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any progress made upfront on the formation of this commission- even though the idea received major bipartisan support. It is being assumed that any commission of such a nature would have to be signed in by a statute- which will be passed and then signed into law by the current President. The members of this commission can’t be elected directly- and need to be from outside the government. 

The panel for 9/11 was brought about by a former governor as chairman with a congressman from the Democratic side as the vice-chair. For this commission, a plan would be drafted by the Democrats which has mentioned that all the commissioners would be given the task of reporting by the end of 2021. After that, the commission would end 60 days after the first report gets issued. 

Nancy Pelosi, according to reports, hasn’t agreed to a split which would be 50-50 for this commission. Nonetheless, she has argued that the unwillingness of the GOP to probe in the right spot is what led to the insurrection in the first place.