Leaked iPhone SE (2020) video ad is all about peeling off the protective film

apple iPhone SE
apple iPhone SE

Apple shows off its newest model in one of its biggest launches. iPhone SE (2020) is the newest and the smallest member of the brand. 

The US is already facing a shortage of stock as it hits the market. Its popularity can be attributed to its low price. 

Concerns crop up of Apple taking advantage of its brand power as the newest model is accused of being least fresh in design. Although the company has not officially aired any promotional video, we have got a sneak peek for you. 

The ad has been created in partnership with O2 for its European market. It focuses on an ASMR like quality as it shows off the crunchy sound effect by peeling off the screen cover. 

It is interesting to note that the promotional video does not show off the newest model’s frontal feature. Could it be because Apple is not so sure of its bezels?