Biden UN Speech On America’s Diplomacy

Domestic Agenda
Domestic Agenda

Biden UN Speech was given on the 21st of September that fell on a Tuesday. In the speech, Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, spoke about the vision that he has as the head of the state for the country. He talked about how he is planning to approach things when it comes to diplomacy. The President, through the Biden UN speech, tried to communicate with the allies of the country and especially some skeptical ones. 

Biden UN Speech Details

Joe Biden made it known that he was not following the “America first policy” and that the country was not headed that way when it came to the American foreign policies. In the Biden UN speech, he stated that the main driving force behind the functioning of the United States of America was civic leadership.

It was stated that civic leadership was more vibrant than military force. And this was applicable in all the cases including climate change, handling the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as cyberwar. It is to be noted that the Democratic President did not directly mention the word “China.” However, it was stated that America was moving towards counting any country that was rising as an autocratic power. 

The Biden UN speech was very different from the speech that was given by Donald Trump, the former President of the country belonging to the Republican Party. Trump’s speech had caused discontentment among many countries as he stressed isolationism. However, President Biden gave his speech honoring the fact that the United Nations is a multilateral global organization.

He also stated that the next decade was the most important decade for the world. This is because that would define the future of this global community. He argued that the challenges like pandemics and climate change were to be tackled using technological sources and not military confrontation.