Border Patrol Horror In The US

Border Patrol
Border Patrol

The administration of Joe Biden, the current President of the United States of America, made a comment on the pictures that were released with regard to the border patrol. The images that were released, revealed the mistreatment of migrants by the official patrol agents of the United States. They could be seen on horseback. It revealed how aggressively and inhumanely they are handling the situation in the region. 

Harris On Border Patrol Horror

It is to be noted that a large population of migrants are Haitians and the border patrol agents are trying their best to keep them from entering America. A video that was revealed, showed an officer talking to a migrant in a patronizing manner while he was on a horseback. He was shouting at them passing lewd comments on the country of origin. The border patrol agent can also be heard accusing the migrants of mistreating women that caused their country to reach the current point of devastation. All of these incidents took place in the region of the Rio Grande river.

Another video revealed how one of the officers caused a migrant to fall back into the river. Most of the officers were situated near the edge of the water. Following the release of the video, Kamala Harris, the vice-president of the country, gave a statement. She called it “horrible.” She further claimed that she fully supports an investigation into the case.

She stated that the border patrol officers were treating the migrants in a horrible manner. The Democratic vice-president further stated that she would soon talk to Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, concerning the unfortunate matter. She also pointed out that there were so many things that needed attention with regard to the basic needs of those Haitian migrants.