Joe Rogan And CNN’S Sanjay  Gupta Face-Off Over Use Of Prescribed Drug

joe rogan
joe rogan

Joe Rogan and Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN had a long discussion spanning 3 hours about COVID-19, the vaccine, and the difference between human and veterinary medicine, and media ethics. In the end, it appeared to be a draw. Or was it?

As they slipped out of the ring, Dr. Gupta admitted Joe Rogan was not ready to stand up for a mass-vaccination drive. He also admitted that CNN anchors had been wrong to imply that the UFC commentator had taken veterinary dewormer to treat COVID-19.

It was a meeting like no other and both admitted being taken by surprise that the other would agree to meet on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ Gupta said that this would give him a chance to reach people with medical details that would be invaluable.

They met in an enclosed podcast booth sharing a couple of sets of microphones and headphones, sitting a few feet apart. It was an uninterrupted meeting with no distractions.

Gupta told Rogan that he found him authentic, and they could have an honest conversation. He was more interested in Joe Rogan’s thought process than what he was thinking.

Gupta admitted later that he was curious to know the real Joe Rogan. Was he merely out to sow doubts and create chaos. Or was there something more to him?

Joe Rogan threw Dr.Gupta off balance when he said that he had missed an appointment to get himself vaccinated earlier in the year. he said that the appointment had clashed with other scheduled events. He said that he wasn’t vaccinated per se.

Joe Rogan Particularly Peeved At CNN Anchor For Terming Ivermectin A Horse Dewormer

Joe Rogan had been afflicted with COVID in September and had taken ivermectin to treat his mild illness. Media outlets had ridiculed him saying that the anti-parasite was used for both humans and animals and none had been known to cure COVID. Commentators also pointed out that common citizens couldn’t know the difference.

Gupta admitted that since Joe Rogan had got the medicine prescribed by a doctor, it was obvious that he was taking the right medicine. He said that the drug was very effective against parasites.

Joe Rogan interjected and said that before they discussed science, they needed to discuss what he believed were the ‘lies’ said about him by the network. He was peeved that the media had said that he was taking horse dewormer.

He said he even contemplated suing CNN over that remark. Gupta conceded that the anchor had been wrong to say those words and said that they shouldn’t have called the drug a dewormer for horses.

Joe Rogan wanted Gupta to admit that the network had lied about the drug, and was wrong in branding it a veterinary medicine. He called out Erin Burnett, anchor of ‘OutFront,’ for referring to Ivermectin as a drug for livestock.

Gupta later said that he was glad to have appeared with Joe Rogan for the show; ‘walked into the lion’s den,’ was how he termed it.