Joel Embiid Suffers Knee Bone Bruise; Out For Two Weeks At Least

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid

Even though Joel Embiid suffers from a bone bruise, Philadelphia 76ers fans are breathing a sigh of relief. This is because the most promising player on the team had a close shave.

The center star player, Joel Embiid suffered a fall during Friday night’s game against the Wizards of Washington. Other players of the team as well and Philadelphia fans were thoroughly disturbed by the fall. It seemed as though it will have a lasting impact on the future of the team. When Joel Embiid fell on the court, he grabbed his left knee which indicated a major knee injury at the time.

Earlier reports also suggest that the player has faced similar injuries in the same spot earlier as well. The Sixers as well as other players of the team estimated that Joel Embiid might be out for the season if the injury turned out to be grave.

If that were the case, it would be especially grim for Embiid as this is apparently his best season to date. He is said to be at the best phase of his career. Philadelphia 76ers mentioned in a recent statement that losing Embiid during his best might be a huge loss for the team. However, the team seems to have dodged a bullet as per the MRI scan report of Embiid’s knee is concerned.

Joel Embiid Gets Reassuring MRI Report

Despite the look of it, the MRI scan on Joel Embiid shows that the injury is in fact a bone bruise that will heal quicker than any other bruises. Fans and his teammates are glad that there are no traces of any structural damage on his left knee. It also suggests that the player will be able to rejoin the field within weeks. Embiid seems to be glad to know that he will not have to sit out the entire season. Joel is to be re-evaluated after two weeks, states the 76ers.