Joel Kinnaman Accuses A Swedish Model Of Threatening Him 

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-American actor, got a restraining order. It was against a woman with whom he was involved in a sexual relationship. He claimed that she was constantly trying to threaten him. The “Suicide Squad” artist stated that she told her that she would publicize some information about him that was not true. Including the fact that whatever took place between the two was carried out in the absence of his consent.

Joel Kinnaman Vs The Accused

The 41-year-old actors explained this incident in detail over the social media platform, Instagram. He also stated that he was looking forward to receiving an order that he filed against that woman. Joel Kinnaman also stated that he was fanning threats of physical harm. The woman had also threatened him saying that she would physically harm his family. The main aim of the woman, as stated by the “Easy Money” actor, was to extort money as well as other valuable things from him. This incident took place on the 6th of August. 

The woman who stands to be accused by Joel Kinnaman is Gabriella Magnusson, she is one of the Swedish models. Her other name is Bella Davis. The actor stated that the two dated briefly. It was in the year 2018. However, following that, she started threatening the actor. She stated that she would do all the things that she threatened to do until he paid her.

Joel Kinnaman stated everything that was demanded by the Swedish model. It included Hollywood connections, money, an Instagram page that was verified, a work visa, another page over Wikipedia, one of the photoshoots with the Sports Illustrated magazine, an apartment, 400,000 USD, and much more. Davis stated that she did not demand any such thing from the actor. And also stated that she was raped by him.