Nas’ New Music, “King’s Disease 2” Is Out


Nas, the rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, is currently having the best time of his life. The recent pictures that have gone viral prove this fact. He can be seen wearing a silk set standing beside a chateau lawn, holding a cigar and booze. He recently released his new music, “King’s Disease 2.” The prequel of the music, King’s Disease, was a major hit. Nas even received a Grammy award for the first time in his life owing to the music. 

Nas’ Music Background

Nas has been in the music industry for the last 30 years. Throughout these years, he has produced a total of 13 records. The American rapper is known by the name, God’s son. And at 47-years-old, he is at the top position in the music industry. Through his music, it can be understood that Nas is extremely content to hold this position. This can be felt through his lyrics in one of his new songs, Rare.  

For his new music, the American rapper has chosen his producer to be Hit-Boy. This is not the first time they teamed up. They are quite famous for their joint work, the kind of chemistry that the “If I Ruled The World” has with Hit-Boy, is a very rare thing. The songs involved in “King’s Disease 2” are Moments, Count Me In, and Brunch On Sundays.

Each and every song has its own authentic aura that can be felt by the listeners. For his EPMD 2, the American rapper has enlisted the help of another American rap legend, Eminem. Although this is not the first time the two have worked together, this is the first-ever time the two will be rapping alongside each other. In the track, Slim Shady can be heard offering his homage to the great musicians that no longer exist. Nas has also collaborated with the American singer and songwriter, Lauryn Hill.

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