Joey Chestnut Takes 10 Minutes To Eat 76 Hot Dogs; Sets A New Record

Joey Chestnut broke his record at Nathan’s eating contest for Hot Dogs by eating 76 hot dogs in just 10minutes. Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest saw Joey Chestnut stuff as many as 76 hot dogs in ten minutes. The contest is held annually at Coney Island.

The earlier record was by Joey Chestnut himself when he ate 75 hot dogs within ten minutes. However, this time he wanted to better his record. Chestnut, who is currently ranked the world’s topmost competitive eater entered the contest not only to win but give it his best shot at breaking his record. The competition was held this year without the crowd as a safety measure from the ongoing pandemic.

Joey Chestnut Had Entered The Contest Eyeing Record

He looked confident from the very first minute as he gobbled 45 hotdogs in the initial five minutes. As the contest drew to a close, he had already eaten 70 hotdogs. Joey Chestnut finally finished with 76 in 10minutes.

However, broadcasting of the live event was hampered as ESPN suffered a technical glitch that made the feed go off. Just when Joey Chestnut closed in on 74 hotdogs with 13 seconds left, the broadcast got disrupted.

The viewers were not happy with the disruption as they could not witness the historic moment. They only got to see the face of Joey Chestnut stuffed with burgers while being declared the winner.

ESPN spokesperson, Adam Schefter informed that Chestnut won Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest for the 14th time, which is a record number of championship titles won in any single event. It is higher than any other athlete. This record is better than that of Tom Brady, who has been the Super Bowl MVP five times, and Seven-time Superbowl Champion. It is greater than even Rafael Nadal who has won the Roland Garros 13 times.