Warriors Win The High-Stakes Games By Any Means Necessary


The Warriors won Game 5 by a score of 104–94 and are now one victory away from claiming their fourth championship in the last eight years.

Overall, the defense has dominated the 2022 NBA Finals. Both defenses in Game 5 were solid. The Celtics sought to convert the Warriors’ shooters into drivers by delivering uncontested layups from long range whenever the Warriors settled for easy looks, but they caved and relied on their great help defense.

Wiggins Steps Up For The Warriors

The Celtics, who had just wasted a fourth-quarter advantage in Game 4 as well as a chance to take a 3-1 season series, turned the ball over 18 times in Game 5, the room for mistakes in a game when both teams battled to establish the consistent offense. The setback also deprived the Celtics’ fanbase of the opportunity to see their star, Jayson Tatum, play.

When Stephen Curry shot 0-for-9 from 3-point range and missed 15 of his 22 shots, the development of Andrew Wiggins was a rare bright light for the Warriors’ offense. Wiggins has been nothing short of a surprise for the team. Despite their attractive offensive approach, they have trouble creating shots for themselves off the dribble, especially without Kevin Durant.

It is unrealistic to think that Andrew Wiggins can replace Kevin Durant, but it sure is fun to watch him try. They love seeing him attack the basket and smash the boards. Wiggins scored 26 points in the game, making 12 of 23 field goal attempts and without turning the ball over once. He also had a huge game for the Warriors, grabbing 13 boards to lead all players.

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