Ed Sheeran’s New Music Is Based On “Bad Habits”

ed sheeran
ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran, one of the most popular music sensations in the world, just released his new project. It is his new single called “Bad Habits.” The British music artist released the song at midnight this Friday. He also released a music video of the song. The director of the video is Dave Meyers, the American music video director. 

Ed Sheeran Plays A Vampire

The press release gave a few hints on the meaning of the music video. In “Bad Habits,” Ed Sheeran can be seen in a different look. And that is supposed to be his alter-ego who is a vampire. So the vampire has hair that is a little more blonde than that of the real singer. He also has the customary vampire fangs. The video is a metaphor for the idea of humans and the personal vices that everybody has. 

The lyrics of the new track of the 30-year-old “Shape of You” singer are meaningful and carry the idea of bad habits themselves. It has lines that say that bad habits are carried out thinking that it will be the last one but it isn’t. And the loop goes on and on. Ed Sheeran also sings that the reason they are done is that there is “nothing left to lose.” He also sings that there is nothing valuable to save or to use up either. The Grammy-award winning singer gave a statement following the release of his album.

He expressed his excitement over his new project. He claimed that the idea of the song is bad habits itself and he wanted it to be conveyed in a fantastic manner which is why he chose vampires. Ed Sheeran also added that he enjoyed it a lot while he filmed the video. However, he particularly did not like shooting the scene that deals with heights. Bad Habits is the first officially released album of the singer after the release of the “Collaborations Project album” which was nominated in the Grammys.

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