Joker 2 With Lady Gaga: First Pictures

Joker 2

Joker 2 has  Lady gaga and Joaquin Phoenix. She is the new Harley Quinn perhaps. The director has turned the big apple into Gotham ruled city. The film is coming next year, almost after four years. The paparazzi caught some snaps from the shooting floor. Lady Gaga looks marvelous in Harley Quinn’s look. She was probably shooting for a sequence in the big apple wearing a red blazer and toned makeup. She was surrounded by Gotham Police Officers.

Crazy Mob Asking For Freedom In Joker 2

The first Joker with Joaquin Phoenix was arrested. The crazy mob in the big apple protesting in front of Harley Quinn to free Joker. Joker 2 starring Lady Gaga. A million fans’ dreams coming true perhaps, they badly wanted the duo. The largest movie showed the audience there are very slim chances of Arthur Fleck getting bail anytime soon. With the mess he created at the talk show their chances are zero. However, fans have eagerly waited for Joker 2 since 2019 october.

There is the possibility of Harvey Dent’s presence in Joker 2. Last year lady gaga shared the news of being cast opposite Joaquin Phoenix. The warner brother is yet to make a comment on her role. The way she is dressed wearing a black skirt, stockings, and leather boots.Paired with a red blazer and checkered top.Full-face iconic makeup like Joker.

Joker 2 is anticipated to be a musical. The plot has not yet been revealed to the world. After winning eleven Oscars in 2020, Joaquin Phoenix has asked Todd Philips for Joker 2 specifically. He was spellbound by the response and love they got at the box office. After the first one, Joke 2 is much needed as the fans say. Not only the fans but also the director and actors are also believed there is more to the story.