Man United Back In Champions League

Manchester United Man United
Manchester United

Man United has secured its position in the Champions League, after defeating
Chelsea FC on May 25 scored 4-1. Man United now is just one point short and a
game to be back in competition against top football clubs in Europe. Meanwhile, this has been Chelsea's ninth loss in the 12 games they played recently, and certainly is performing poorly. Chelsea's João Félix, had scored 1 goal on May
25’s game, while Man United scored 4 goals, delivered by Carlos Casemiro,
Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandez, and Anthony Martial respectively.

Erik ten Hag, former Dutch footballer, and now the manager of Man United, has
certainly boosted the performance of the team. He joined as the team manager
in 2022 and has certainly proven his worth. Under his guidance, Man United has
managed to keep hold of their Champions League title in their home stadium, Old

Frank Lampard, caretaker manager for Chelsea FC, has vehemently denounced his
team upon their performance in their Thursday match against United. Chelsea has
suffered 16 losses in the Premier League's 38-game season, which is an
unimaginable new low for the club. In an interview with Sky Sports, Lampard has
said that Chelsea needs a reboot and things have improved in order to regain their

Casemiro Boosts Man United’s Position

Carlos Casemiro joined Man United in 2022 after leaving Real Madrid. Since
then, the Brazilian football player has added to United's improvement and better
performance in the past months. It was Casemiro who scored the winning goal in
May 20’s Premier League match against AFC Bournemouth, the score being 1-0.
In 2022, Casemiro signed a contract worth $ 70 million with United and was
likely to get a raise for his good performance.