Julie Bowen’s New Movie Goes Beyond Love

julie bowen

Julie Bowen’s new movie is on the horizon. The actress cum producer, whose new movie Prom Pact by Disney is coming on March 31st,2023. She is all excited about it. It’s not only high school love but also friendship, and ambition. Starring Peyton Elizabeth. Who is way more into academics than any other high school kid? And her ambition is driving her crazy. And the story unfolds with lots of unwanted circumstances and consequences. However, going to prom is every teenager and high school goer’s bucket list.

Julie Bowen’s Obsession With Proms

Julie Bowen could never attend prom, she went to a boarding school in Rhode Island. And her school didn’t have a prom concept, like any other public school in the USA. And further shared why she is so obsessed with the prom concept, she always fantasized about it, and as the matter of fact, she couldn’t able to experience it.

Julie Bowen stated she was more like a boy’s best friend and frustrated sister who always goes by the rules. Otherwise, consequences would follow. And during her teenage days, she was a big fan of Ferris Bueller, and would always relate with Jeannie, and when in the movie Jeannie made out with Charlie sheen, Julie Bowen was just on top of the moon. Because getting a bad guy as the boyfriend was a thing and everyone would consider her a cool girl. And it was her dream.

Julie Bowen previously worked with Anthony Lombardo, in Modern Family. Which made it easy for her to pour a little twisting potion in the movie, she watch growing up in the 80s.

While making the movie the nostalgia from the 80s music hit Julie Bowen, in a massive way. It was a wave of nostalgia that drenched her well. She strongly feels that social media is ruining the fun for teenagers now.