Ariana Grande Released A Song With Everyones’ Favorite Singer

ariana grande

The Weekend and Ariana Grande just released a remix of Die For You, from a 2016 song. The duo has worked previously, and those songs hit billions within days worldwide. They added new verses and the best soulful lyrics are sung by Grande. Most of the time, fans try to relate to the lyrics of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. The Weekend and Grande shared the news via their Instagram posts on Friday. They didn’t drop a single hint before dropping the bomb new song.

The Weekend Appeared In Ariana Grande’s Second Album 

The second album of Grande was the first one The Weekend collaborated with. It was “love me harder”, which is still heard by billions. The beat and the lyrics got fans on their feet. Last year also The Weekend collaborated with Grande for “Save Your Tears”.And this one marked the fourth one of their duets.

Grande didn’t reveal before that she was working on a grand project with the Starboy singer. And she is making exceptional work now, after the break she took. She is going to be a star as Glinda the Good Witch in the Wicked film adaptation.

She has chosen a musical career later in her life, she has been acting since a teenager. Just like Selena Gomez.

Ariana Grande praised The Weekend for giving her the chance to do something better and exceptional, and she wrote in a caption that she wrote and recorded a verse for her friend. But she didn’t reveal who was that friend, which is proved to very clever of her. And she pulled it off even spending 14 hours a day shooting.

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