Julio Urias Faces Felony Charges: Dodgers Pitcher Arrested And Charged With Domestic Violence

Julio Urias

Julio Urias is again in the midst of domestic violence issues and has been arrested on charges of felony. Back in 2019, he was detained on charges of domestic violence after an incident at a mall in Los Angeles. But the city attorney’s office spared him of charges. He had joined a one-year domestic counseling program and stayed off violence for a year.

Julio Urias faced a 20-game suspension for the same violation and his team, the Dodgers, backed the action by Major League Baseball. It released a statement stating that it was encouraging that Julio had admitted being responsible for the act. They said that he was expected to take lessons from the incident.

However, it was back to square one as Julio Urias was again arrested and now faces felony charges. He is accused of inflicting bodily injury against his spouse, the Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles said in a statement.

Dodgers Have Placed Julio Urias On Suspension Following The Incident

The department cited an incident in the BMO Stadium parking lot. Urias and several other celebrities were present at the stadium to watch Inter Miami take on the Los Angeles Football Club. Lionel Messi was part of the Miami team.

MLB has again initiated its well-worked process of domestic violence judgment. The investigation has started, and charges may be levied against Julio Urias. It appears certain that he will face an indefinite suspension from Major League Baseball as he has a precedent to reckon with.

The charges came after a physical altercation at the soccer stadium in the south of the city. Authorities said that he was later freed on a bail of $50,000. The Dodgers have released a statement where it said that it was aware of the incident. It further said that while it was trying to ascertain all the facts surrounding the incident, Julio Urias would not be traveling with the team. Urias’ camp was not available for comments.