Justice Department Passed Order For Biden Administration To Follow

justice department

Previously Joe Biden and his administration has typically used social media to Silence many conservative. Thus the justice department has ordered some of the Biden administration departments to avoid all kinds of social media platforms. Inclusive of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, TikTok, and other platforms.

The Republicans have brought these allegations against them for misusing social media platforms for their purposes. According to the 2022 allegations by the Republicans, the Biden administration has shared false information regarding Covid -19. This lawsuit was brought by Republican attorneys general from Missouri.

Justice Department Has Implemented Lawsuit On Specified Agencies

Currently Trump appointed district judge Terry Doughty is in charge of these lawsuits. According to the state, this is the nation’s most conservative appeals court. The justice department has ordered many agencies and companies to maintain distance from social media.

The justice department which Doughty precisely now runs. He has ordered many agencies like the Department of Health and human services, national Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases. Again the US Center for disease control and Prevention, the justice department and FBI, and some administrators like US surgeon general Vivek Murthy. And also White House press secretary Karine Jean- Pierre.

According to the appeal, these companies can communicate with the justice department. Before they run another illegal activity. The DOJ would take care of the situation beforehand. Some agencies have proved to be a social threat to the community. After addressing National security, they cannot post anything on social media. That includes any photos or text. The justice department has prohibited them from further engaging with content from engaging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing them in any manner. The defendant has mentioned how these platforms have been saving lives with public safety and security.