Stimulus Check 2022- Will We Receive Another Payment?

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

It is assumed that even if the citizens receive some form of a stimulus check payment, that could simply make the inflation even worse.

Also, despite a large number of early-year discussions, it has been pretty clear for several months that the expanded tax credits and the direct payments from the days of the pandemic have been over. But there have been some states that have started finding a middle ground where the stimulus payments are seemingly much smaller and also pretty narrowly targeted.

Millions of American citizens may be eligible for stimulus payments this summer and this fall- which would also depend on who they are, and where they come from. Back in March, there were several Democratic representatives who went on to propose the Gas Rebate Act of 2022. This act would be issuing all the eligible taxpayers a sum of $100 per month- where the eligibility would be based on one’s income. They would also be afforded a sum of $100 per month per eligible dependent, in order to help them cope with the rising fuel costs. 

Stimulus Check Payment Coming in the State of Delaware

But the act definitely has quite a long way to go. The act needs to first work its way through Congress in order to become law, but it hasn’t even gone through the preliminary steps at the committee level yet. Beyond that, the other stimulus check payments that have been issued are from states like Colorado, Delaware, and the like. In the state of Colorado, the residents will be receiving a payment of $400 or $800, which would also depend on their filing status. But, it has been understood that they could be receiving a lot more if the state ends up earning higher revenue. 

In the state of Delaware, the Governor went on to approve a one-time stimulus check payment which would issue up to $300 for the qualifying residents. Most of these payments were already distributed by the 31st of May.