Justice Department Of Biden Updated Court Filing In The Case Relating To Religious Schools!

Justice Department
Justice Department

On the afternoon of Wednesday, the Justice Department of US President Biden updated the court filing in the case relating to religious schools. The priority is defending religious schools’ right to openly discriminate against students of the LGBTQ community. This comes following the several backlashes and statements from plaintiffs and critics saying that they felt immensely “betrayed”. 

The Justice Department Has Said That It Will Continue Defending The Law!

The Justice Department and its attorneys amended the filing and stressed that they will be defending the law of the land in court but the policy regarding the federal law is already on a review by the Education Department. The federal law, which is being challenged, is a portion of Title 9 of the amendments done in the Education Department in 1972. This law states that one cannot discriminate in education programs assisted by the federal administration on the basis of gender or sex. The law however allows this discrimination for all those religious organizations having their own religious objections. 

The Justice Department is trying to interpret this law in a positive way. Students studying at several religious schools in Oregon sued the administration in a lawsuit for providing assistance and funding to those schools practicing discriminatory policies. This filing was updated with the Justice Department. The Justice Department said on Tuesday that they will be continuing to defend this law. The attorneys of the government wrote in their amended filing that The Education Department will be conducting their comprehensive review regarding the regulations while implementing this law. The policy of the current administration guarantees an environment of education free from all the narrow discrimination on the basis of gender or sex. 

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