Kaleidoscope Presents A Predictable Heist


The hyped trailer that launched a few months ago, kept the audience wondering what is happening and killed the hyped just after the release of Kaleidoscope. Many were dying to know what was going to unfold or even how things were going to take place and the results were not satisfying. Though some really enjoyed the drama Netflix series that just released.

Is It Really A Kaleidoscope?

Critics have been showering with these questions, to some, it’s a positive answer to some it’s a big no. They have been fooled by the name there is nothing even minutely that even closely represents Kaleidoscope. And many from the team are suggesting watching the kaleidoscope Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Green, again Blue, orange, pink, then white at last. Color played a huge role in succeeding the heist. Whereas some believe this is just the unpolished version of Ocean’s 8.

Each of the episodes starts with a short summary of what’s going to happen which mostly killed the hype and it could have been more organized. It lacked proper organization and everything happened altogether, did leave ample gaps without any bridges to connect them. That led the audience to burst into aggression.

People were not so impressed with the Kaleidoscope. Details were all over the place and one couldn’t keep track of where and when it happened. The thief;’s main motive was to rob billions and he did rob billions of people’s expectations of a good drama series.

The key points were left everywhere for everyone to pick up, couldn’t keep the thrill or mystery properly. The underlying story is completely missing, whereas other heist series like money heist had a compact story, and each story the characters held was somehow related to one another.

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