Kamala Harris Concerned About Interview With “The View”

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was expected to be interviewed in “The View“. However, just before the interview, ultimate chaos followed. The host of the show canceled at the last moment. She was reported to be suffering a terrible sciatica ache. Just as the show was about to be shot, both the co-hosts were asked to leave the set. They were later informed that both of them have contracted covid. The production officials of the show stated that they have been fully vaccinated. 

Later, it was found out that the reports were a mistake and both of them were fine. The set was immediately abandoned and vigorous sanitization was carried out. Representatives of Kamala Harris did not take this incident lightly. They seem pretty much angry with the happenings at ABC’s show. Let us take a detailed look into the matter below. 

Kamala Harris & Co. Unhappy With “The View”.

Despite the chaos, Harris continued her interview in good spirit. She handled the situation sportingly and went on with her interview. However, her office was not so considerate. They have expressed their frustration about the happenings of the show. The office of Harris is also concerned about the well-being of the vice president. 

Brian Teta is the executive producer of “The View”. Teta addressed the media for the first time on Monday after the debacle. He admitted his mistake and stated that the results should not have been leaked. The producer said that they should have been more careful in examining the eligibility of the reports.

Teta went on to say that he was confused at the moment. The reports came as a shocker. He wanted to ensure the safety of the vice president and all his members. Both the hosts were later found out to be negative. However, the representatives at Kamala Harris’ office are not satisfied. They have questioned the news on why the hosts were given clearance. 

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