Kanye West Releases Own Clothing Line

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West has always been known to be stylish. He has decided to extend his preferences to his fans. West has reportedly launched his personalized collections. Apart from being a style icon, West is a renowned singer. His rapping skills have derived praises from all over the world. West had been married to Kim Kardashian previously. 

However, despite the couple deciding to part ways, both have remained good friends. West and Kardashian were recently spotted at the music release of Donda. Donda is the latest album of West. After several delays, the album was finally released, much to the joy of his fans. Kanye West has recently launched an exclusive collection of hoodies. Let us learn more about the collection below. 

Kanye West Criticized For Launching “Ordinary” Hoodie

West announced that Yeezy & GAP will be joining hands for launching a series of clothes. The sweatshirt has been dropped on the websites and is available for the locals now. Yeezy and GAP announced their collaboration in the early part of 2020. They stated that the collaboration deal has been made for ten years. West announced that the first piece of clothing from the collaboration is likely to hit the market in 2021. 

Few days after Kanye West turned forty-four, a $200 round jacket was released. It had a mixed reaction from the buyers but did fairly well in the market. The company announced its second product on Wednesday. It was a plain sweatshirt that had a price tag of $90. 

The plain pattern of the hoodie seemed to have offended the customers. The clothing received a huge backlash from reviewers. A large number of people called the collection overpriced. Twitter was flooded with images of similar sweatshirts from other popular brands and websites. 

However, for those who wanted to get a hand on the Kanye West collection, gap.com/yeezy is the website for you. The shipping procedure will take about three weeks to complete.