Vice President Kamala Harris To Embark On Historic Africa Trip

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Amid strained US-China ties, Kamala Harris is set to embark on a historic Africa trip, becoming the first women US Vice President to visit the continent, reported CNN. Harris’ historic trip will come nearly eight years after former President Barack Obama made his last trip to the region while in office. Obama’s first trip to the region was met with great fanfare, in large part due to his father’s Kenyan roots.

She said she is going to Africa mainly to talk with African leaders about what we as the United States are prepared to do to have our role in investing in the future of that continent. Administration officials previewing the vice president’s trip said it’s a ‘future-oriented’ expedition to deepen relationships, crafted to recognize that the median age of citizens of the continent is 19 years old and its population is rapidly expanding reported CNN.

Kamala Harris Hopes To Build On Themes Of African Innovation And Technology And Other Things

Kamala Harris hopes to build a path on innovation, technology, regional security, food security, women empowerment, climate, and democracy, officials said, adding that she will bring with her continent-wide public and private sector investments. The Vice President is visiting the three countries where the government is investing in democracies, specifically at a time when we know there is a global democratic recession said a senior administration official.

After departing Washington on Saturday, Harries will land in Accra on Sunday afternoon. From there begins a six-day march through three countries’ capital cities, where Harris will hold bilateral meetings with all three top leaders including Tanzania’s first female President Samia Suluhu Hassan