Vice President Kamala Harris’s Heart Cries For Her Home State

Kamala Harris

A recent mass shooting in California almost killed 10 people. Kamala Harris addressed the mass shooting that took place in California, where she is the senator and state attorney general. On her recent visit to Florida Tallahassee. She strongly despises the act of violence, and this needs to stop. However, the residents rather than Americans feel the newly elected governments are somehow failing to provide security and safety to them.

The President And Kamala Harris Joined The Initiative To Protect

The main accident or the mass shooting took place precisely at the dance studio, seven miles from Los Angeles, on the lunar new year. This incident itself was heartbreaking where a community is celebrating another year, another one is the community crying for help. Kamala Harris sends her love and prayer to injured ones and support to those whose lives changed forever after the shooting. This is not going to be easy however unconditional support and love from the community may ease their pain and suffering.

President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris have taken up the necessary actions afterward and they are looking after all the things. Soon they will be able to give people the answer they need.

President shared his condolences after the shooting via a tweet. And the joined initiative working in full force as they have hired the FBI to look into this matter. And Kamala Harris gave her full support to the local authorities. And made sure the FBI is doing the same.

Kamala Harris’s speech in Florida on the 50th anniversary of Roe V. Wade. She mentioned other important issues including abortion rights.