Kanye West Is Not An Anti-Semite Anymore

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West has reportedly turned a new leaf and doesn’t hate Jews anymore. In his first post after returning to Instagram, he went on to proclaim a deep-rooted love for the Jewish people- which is quite a turnaround from his previous comments.

But what led to this change of heart? According to West, it was the portrayal of Jonah Hill in the 2012 comedy film 21 Jump Street which led to this tipping point. On the social media platform, Ye went on to upload a picture of the film, while he captioned that watching Jonah Hill in the movie made him like Jewish people again. He further claimed that no one should be taking their anger for just a couple of individuals on millions of innocent people. He also mentioned that no Christian should be labeled as a Jew hater because they knew Jesus is a Jew. 

Kanye West Has Jonah Hill To Thank For This Change Of Heart

Kanye West had burnt his career a few months ago when he completely went around the bend and started making offensive statements on social media and in multiple interviews. This resulted in him losing brand deals with several entities, as well as complete ostracism from most of polite society. One of the highlights of this maniacal period was his comment that he would go death con 3 on Jews- which he posted on Twitter in October 2022. What seems to be of note is that Jonah Hill hasn’t yet responded to being the reason why the West loves Jews again.