NFTs Equipped With AI Could Be The Major Gateway To The Metaverse


NFTs have been largely acquired as PFPs that usually represent a brand, or embody a culture, or ultimately- something that would reflect as a static status symbol. Blue-chip non-fungible tokens like the Cool Cats or the Bored Ape Yacht Club were not originally backed by any tangible utility other than speculative hype and value- along with the promise of a roadmap. Nevertheless, investors are still looking for a bit more to solve their problems.

NFTs With AI Would Be The Best Thing For The Metaverse 

However, the current scenario dictates that NFTs are usually finding their utility beyond branding and status symbols by attempting to chalk out an existence in the Metaverse. Some other investors are already pretty ambitious to start within it. The ASM AIFA or the Altered State Machine Artificial Intelligence Football Association has introduced a novel concept to most nonfungible tokens called nonfungible intelligence. But tokenizing artificial intelligence, the ASM AIFA has relatively captured the attention of most investors who have been thinking about the long-term. 

As an investor of NFTs, there are some strategies that need to be considered when thinking about investing in the ASM AIFA, while factoring in the impending tokenomics that will be integrated into the nascent P2E blockchain game. The ASM AIFA box collection is simply a starter booster pack toward its ecosystem. A box includes four agents of ASM AI or all-stars as well as an ASM brain, which is the intelligence that power every all-star of ASM.

The brains of the ASM AIFA collection will also be supported through other NFTs like FLUFF World NFT, making it interoperable as well.

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